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Service and warranties

We provide service via our firm, moreover we have established the services network consisting of the contractual partners at the territory of the entire Slovak Republic within the following range:

Prophylactic activity of the gaseous infra-red radiators ( light and dark ), hot air aggregates and boilers:

  • burner unit cleaning and inspection,
  • reflectors cleaning and inspection,
  • fan cleaning and testing,
  • sealing test of the magnetic valve and gas armatures,
  • under-pressure connector test,
  • electrodes cleaning and inspection,
  • burner adjustment,
  • checking measurement of the radiator combustion,
  • issuing the protocol on executed inspection.

We assume expert inspections and tests of the selected technical facilities of the gas regulation stations:

  • test of the regulation elements functionality,
  • test and inspection of the safeguarding elements,
  • test of the safety elements functions,
  • test of the equipment functions as whole and issuing the reports on the expert inspection.

Revision of the gas distributors and appliances, being the subject of the deliveries according to a contract

Revision of the electrical distributors and appliances, being the subject of the deliveries according to a contract


  • Thermal regime optimisation in co-operation with the Department of Buildings Technical Facilities, Faculty of Civil Engineering TU Ko¹ice,
  • The temperature distribution evaluation ( daily, weekly, monthly ),
  • Proposal of the thermal regime change,
  • Modification of the thermal regime based on the optimisation and a consultation with the lessee

From time to time survey of the automatic boiler houses:

  • boilers maintenance :
              boilers chemical cleaning
              burner cleaning
              burner adjustment
  • inspection of distribution facilities :
              gas supply
              electrical - power circuits
              M and R circuits
              for utility and heating water.

Immediate service:

  • service executed subject to the notice on failure placed by the lessee according to the provisions of the contract,
  • full service for common failures
  • full service of the emergency situations.

Spare parts available for any type of failure, including the emergency situation:

  • radiators - radiator replacement, fan, burner, electronic components,
  • pneumatic technology facilities
  • regulation - measuring probes, controlling microprocessor of the other parts of regulation,
  • boiler houses - thermometers, manometers, regulation elements and other.

Company SEWA consulting, spol. s r.o., has got in course of the deliveries and work realisation the insurance policy for the responsibility for the damage caused by the operation activity.


Company SEWA consulting, spol. s r.o., as an independent supplier in co-operation with the importers and producers - SPP service, ABSOLUTGAZ, ACV Slovakia, HUTIRA Slovensko, having the direct and exclusive representation of the firms PAKOLE, kft., ACV Internacionįl n.v. a Fischer Francel over the territory of the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic, utilises fully their know- how, technical and expert assistance and own practical experience related to the scope of activity. The warranty period related to the electronics, regulation elements and appliances - 2 years, to the fixed mechanical parts of the appliance - 10 years and to a job - 5 years.

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