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Company priorities


Company priorities

  • co-operation with the customer, objective of which is the jobs rationalisation, which solve the specified problem at the qualified level and at your full satisfaction.
  • gradual expansion of the services scale which are provided for the customers, complete engineering
  • company takes into the consideration customer`s financial and technological possibilities
  • intensive co-operation with the partner organisations leading to the improvement by us offered services keeping in mind the customer`s satisfaction

Activities expansion in the year 2001

  • expert opinions, standpoints and proposals for the energy and media efficient utilisation
  • buildings and industrial operations energy audits
  • design, delivery and assembly of the natural gas regulation stations
  • advising in the field of the company scope of activity for given spheres of the heating technologies

Activities expansion in the period of years 2002/2005

  • pneumatic technology facilities
  • alternative energy sources, co-generation oriented to bio-gas, thermal pumps
  • painting and drying cabins
  • gas consumption regulation and diagnostics for the production technology

Activities expansion in the year 2006

  • expert revisions and tests of the Selected Technical Facilities - working on gas, electrical, lifting equipment and pressure vessels

Activities expansion in the year 2012

  • technology gas combustion - combustion chambers, supplies and reconstruction
  • project preparation and design of objects, equipment and work included in the mining activities
  • mounting and repairs of selected gas technical equipment included in the State Mining Supervision competences area
  • fire prevention specialist activities
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